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Liz May

Subjects: Primary, NAPLAN and High school entrance tests; High School: Year 7-10 Science, Year 7-10 Mathematics, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 History and Geography, Year 7-10 Technology and Year 7-10 PDHPE; HSC: Economics, English (Life Skills, Standard, Advanced and Extension), Mathematics (Life Skills, General Mathematics, and with appropriate preparation time: advanced), Sciences (Senior Science, Chemistry and Biology) and PDHPE University: Open Foundation and NewStep Chemistry, Open Foundation and NewStep Biology and specialized tutoring in report and essay writing, referencing and time management

My name is Liz May, and I am 23 years old. I am studying medicine with UNSW (graduating 2018), and though I am from Tamworth, I am lucky enough to be doing my final two years of study in beautiful Coffs Harbour! For the last two years I worked for the university as a tutor for younger med students. I love teaching because it’s truly collaborative. It’s about problem solving and equipping people with study, writing and time management skills that will be with them for life! Alongside being a massive nerd, I love being active and outdoors, and I’ll always be found running, swimming, playing sport or in the surf.

Thomas De Jong

Subjects: Primary, 7-8 maths & science, PDHPE, Chemistry, Physics, General Maths, Design & Technology; University: Education, Geological Science, Geography. 

Hi, my name is Tommy. I currently study Masters of Teaching at SCU and have graduated Bachelor of Science (Geosciences) at UOW. I also work a geotechnical role on a Pacific highway upgrade and at vacation care during school holidays. I enjoy working with children and being amazed with what they are capable of, academically or even funny personality quirks that are always interesting and unique. It brings myself joy to have the opportunity help and encourage students to improve their current abilities both academically and psychologically how they perceive what they can achieve, with a positive attitude and practical methods. Studying, living and working in widely contrasting fields and areas I have an open minded and dynamic approach to the world. With this I believe I will be able to engage effectively in assisting children from any background. 

Christopher Jozwiak

Subjects: All primary school subjects, 7-10 English, Academic writing including essays, reports and referencing. Also, primary school students with learning difficulties, behavioural issues, with disability or students who are learning English as an additional Language. 

I believe that each and every student is an individual with individual learning needs. 

Hi, my name is Chris Jozwiak and after working in various jobs for 10 years I have found my passion. I genuinely find educating people exciting and it brings me much satisfaction. I know that no single approach to teaching is right for every individual, and so I draw on a range of strategies and resources to educate my students. This is critical to engage students in their learning. Having undergone tutoring through primary school I know how effective it can be in helping students to reach their full potential. I try to align my teaching with students’ interests and persist (which I have learnt from having two of my own daughters) until my students achieve their goals. I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree at Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour. In this degree I am specialising in learning support, which includes learning to educate primary school aged children with learning difficulties, with disability, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) students and students with behavioural issues.

Conor Hornibrook

Subjects: 7-10: English, essay writing skills, HSIE; 11-12: English, Geography, Ancient History, Modern History, Society & Culture; University: anthropology, geography.

Hello all! My name is Conor Hornibrook and I’m an archaeologist and PhD student originally from Ireland who has recently moved to Coffs Harbour. I’m available to tutor students from any level, particularly those attending High School and Tertiary.  During my High School education in Ireland, I attended a renowned, exclusively Gaelic-speaking school and graduated with the equivalent of 90% overall. For my Bachelor’s degree, I studied Geography and Archaeology at University College Cork, receiving a first class honours, one scholarship and an academic award.  I then began a PhD programme in Geography which also covered Law, Geo-Politics and Refugee Studies. I taught several undergraduate level workshops and corrected assignments during this time.

I took a leave of absence to work as a professional archaeologist on a Roman villa site in Wales, U.K. and to explore Australia. I have extensive experience of working with children and young adults as I was a youth leader for a community group aimed at 10-18 year olds and I am also a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language. My experience at the highest level of academia means that I am well suited to advise on academic writing, referencing and formulating coherent arguments. 

Courteney Treadwell

SubjectsPrimary: all subjects; 7-10: English, Science, HSIE; 11-12: English (Standard to Extension 1), Biology, Modern History

My name is Courteney, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood/Primary Education as an external student with UNE. I was lucky enough to nanny for 4 gorgeous children for 12 months after graduating year 12, which definitely helped me make my decision to pursue teaching as a career. My passion is enabling every student no matter their ability to receive a great education. There is no better feeling than helping a student achieve their goals, academically or otherwise. I look forward to helping as many students as I can, in every way I can!

Luke Sydenham 

Subjects: Mathematics & Chemistry 

Hi I'm Luke. I live in Coffs Harbour and went to high school at Coffs Harbour Christian Community School, completing the HSC in 2014. Maths was my favourite subject all through school, because of this I have completed  2 unit and 3 unit (extension 1) maths in years 11 and 12. I'm looking forward to tutoring and to have my passion for maths carry over to who ever I teach. 

Since finishing high school I have moved onto university at UNE (University of New England) where I have been doing a Bachelor of Science majoring in chemistry and mathematics. I am aiming to finish my bachelor degree at the end of 2018. 
Since I have been doing chemistry at university and also in years 11 and 12 of high school I am very able and willing to also tutor people in chemistry.